Fitness Screening for the Firefighter 2015

Everett Firefighters Association: 801 75th Apartment Fire 2-11 &emdash; 801 75th ST SE Bldg 4 2-11Everett Fire, your about mid way through the optional fitness screening period.  With a bit over half the members participating to date, we will have a good total participation number.

Remember this is the base of your current fire department wellness program and there is a strong push for the program to grow further. That’s great news by your participation and input are critical to keep the positive momentum rolling.

*Important reference info for you:

The following link will take you to pages explaining each element of our wellness & fitness screening. Compare your scores against the national norms and understand what each test means, why it’s done, and ideas on how to improve.

Check it out here:

Stay tuned in 2015 as there are improvements in the works.


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