Firefighter Assessments

Weight and height are used in computing body m...

Weight and height are used in computing body mass index, an indicator of risk for developing obesity-associated diseases. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well boys, we kick it off tomorrow morning.  Fitness assessments covering hr, bp, caliper body mass, girth measurements, bmi, submaximal vo2, vertical jump, power development, muscular endurance, and flexibility.

The provide your great and consistent annual benchmarks and a comparison to where you stand against firefighter and national normative data.

We’ll be using the Athletic Standard site to store and share test result information with you shortly after all are complete.

Be sure to get to your breakfast before you come down, wear athletic clothing including sport shoes, and bring a good attitude.  Assessments run about 30-40 minutes per person and a more fun than they are tough work.

See Ya at Training Station!

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