Tennis and the Over Thinking Beginner

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Learning how to play tennis can be an enjoyable journey, especially when your game improves to the level at which you move effortlessly around the court hitting accurate and powerful strokes.

However, as with every journey, you can head off in the wrong direction. The direction you take at the outset makes the biggest difference in where you end up.

Unfortunately, tennis teaching has long been too intellectual, with too many verbal instructions. The result is over-thinking beginners who move like tennis robots.

I’ve seen tennis players spend hundreds of dollars on lessons, only to be left more confused than ever… and unable to keep the ball in play for more than a few shots!

Have you been taking lessons and hitting hundreds of balls with no noticeable improvement?

The biggest danger for a beginning tennis player is learning a stroke the wrong way. Once the body learns a movement pattern, it’s hard to unlearn it. Erasing muscle memory, by replacing it with a new correct movement, is a frustrating and painstaking process.

And the hardest things to unlearn are those we learn as a raw beginner. Flaws you acquire at this stage are deeply ingrained. They can dog you forever, making you miss shots you shouldn’t miss.

Don’t let this happen to you…

Get on the right track now, as a beginner, and you’ll soon enjoy your tennis game with great looking strokes and the ability to hit them consistently, time after time, with accuracy and power.

Learn How to Play Tennis Right Now

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