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In the past 10+ years we have used many assessments and templates for scoring the fitness of our athletes and clients.  Always a bit limited in technical qualities, not always pretty in design and always heavier than the ideal on input and distribution of content.  I’ve been in need of a database system that would allow for historical client tracking, standard and custom assessment options, easy report communication ability.

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Excel and email work, but for the right price we want to provide our clients a bit more.

Over the past two months I have spent some time seeking out online solutions.  I got a good run through of three different systems and think I’ve found a “WIN”ner.

Volt Athletics – They provided great customer service nearly offered just what I was looking for along with additional ready made programs, with instruction detail, for the client.  I’m not a big fan of any ready made performance program, but with a few options for customization it was a nice add on.  Downside with Volt is that the price point is significantly higher than the similar options.

Strength Pro – This simple system also jumps in with the added side of generating athletic programming, but they have the basics of assessment tracking I was looking for as well.  The price is good, but the customer service did not match the others as I am still waiting from a reply to either of the email inquiries I made for further information.  If I felt like they were still active in this business I could have easily gone with them, but I’m not so sure they are in it for the long haul.

Athletic Standard and their WIN program appears to be the near perfect fit.  While geared primarily toward athletes they have just enough mix to be a functional service for all other FIT Launch clientele. They are relatively early in their build out, but the basic needs of functionality are there with several more useful add-ons come in the near future.
They provide a unique “ASI” Athletic Standard Index score based upon a series of assessments that can be compared amongst a team, a club, or outside across universities, pro athletes, etc.  It allows an apples to apples type comparison along with the simple motivation to continually improve your score. While these ASI tests don’t exactly fit with all of our assessments, the system does provide custom tracking options which can be made to fit those.

I’m looking forward to getting in and utilizing the Athletic Standard system.  I think you’ll enjoy the report and tracking benefits as they highlight strong and weak areas of your assessed abilities.


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