Pride Points

The Panther Pride Point program was created and initiated the first of this year.  Something new for all panther football players to compete with in the off season.  Today was the first of several rewards provided to those who have earned the most points to date.

Front of line service for picking out gear today, along with all other Seniors.

Congratulations to:

Player                                                                  Points                                         Team

Aidan Kutch 256 Hanson
Kobe McDaniel 250 Zupan
Ty Roth 242 Zupan
Josh Johnston 227 Brandvold
Nathan Jacobson 223 Ivelia
Alex Fairhurst 220 Armstrong
Peyton Plucker 205 Zupan
Jackson Stayner 205 Bomar
Bryce Lipke 201 Hammer
Mel Miller 197 Bush
Jess Harris 197 Hammer

The full list of point scoring methods is still posted.  Feel free to look them over to see how you can increase your own points.  Next week we’ll post up all scores for each team in the conclusion of period two… just in time for Spring ball.

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