From Here to There Fast

40-yard-dashJust a few weeks away from beginning our Spring speed sessions.  It’s all about getting from here to there, faster.

In the weight room I’ve heard so many ideas, theories, and guesses at what is the key to speed and agility.  Usually one piece or another is on the money, but rarely is there a consistent progressive plan to make this happen.  At times I feel like I’m leading kids to the water but they don’t want to drink.  The power of the ad or advice from a friend or shinny article will still take the lead on a kids plan to get fast.

So, if you feel the need to hear from an outside source and are more likely to follow a quality speed and agility programming after you’ve paid for it, here is a resource that will keep the costs reasonable and help you develop a solid plan for getting from here to there fast.


Click the above image for more info or you can go to Athletes Acceleration

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