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Strongman exercise: Front Squat Lift. Polski: ...

Strongman exercise: Front Squat Lift. Polski: Konkurencja zawodów si?aczy: Przysiad ze sztang? z przodu. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As either a young athlete or a professional occupational athlete it always remains important to our physical progress to attend to all primary periodized goal sets.

For the adult it is far too often that we slow down and jump on a ‘cardio’ machine rather than doing the resistance training at all.  But, even those who do the resistance training, far to often they fail to address even briefly the primary goal of POWER TRAINING.

For the young athlete it’s generally not the repulsion of ballistic movements, but the attraction of the flashy magazines and the highlighted programs of bodybuilders that can get in the way.  Not that times concentrated on hypertrophy training are not important, but it does not carry over as well to most sport activities like power does and spending to much time targeting only one goal set can be counter productive.

The above video shows Doug Briggs, PhD CSCS-D, demonstrating the CLEAN and the JERK.  The low catch followed by a front squat is a little more advanced and make take some time for you to accomplish.  Until then begin by breaking this demonstration into pieces and perfect each individually.  This a great example from a workshop of Doug’s at the Fit Beach Conference 2011.

NOT a high pull or reverse curl to get the bar to the chest.  NOT a push press or military press to get the bar above the head…. It’s ballistic, it’s fast, it’s explosive, it’s POWER TRAINING.  I suggest you work with a trained strength coach while learning these moves.

Be sure to spend time concentrating your program on all primary goal sets.  A little muscular endurance, a little hypertrophy, a little strength, and don’t live out the often intimidating power training.

Greater gains, reduced incidence of plateau, and better physical functions await you.

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