Nutrition for the Athlete

While there are general principles that guide all humans in proper nutrition, Nutrition for the Athlete can make make a significant difference in overall performance.  Athletic goals are often quite high and optimal nutritional intake to


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support the activities required to reach those goals can be tricky in both content and timing.

Nutrition is a bit like dabbling in the science lab.  The nutrient make up of different foods physiologically and chemically interact with your body and can be beneficial or detrimental to your goals and even your health.  Consumption of certain supplements and even certain foods can negatively interact with different medications and may require doctor consultation if you hav

e particular health considerations.

Our Nutrition for the Athlete report provides general guidelines for the athlete.  We target information for those attempting to gain strength, size, power, and speed through physical exercise programming.  The advice would be tweaked a bit if your primary goal is for weight loss or a sport with a much greater aerobic component such as distance running.

Have a look at the report and incorporate the information that is not contra-indicated for you so that you are nutritionally charged to efficiently meet your physical athletic goals.

To get a detailed view, specific nutrient recommendations, and to grade your current dietary intake, utilize the Diet Grader Nutrition System.

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