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Local to Snohomish County and are looking for a more personalized attention to get you started or take your game to another level, we have some local resources available to you for improved strength, speed, and/or body composition.  Personal as well as group training clients will have as part of their contract, access to their programs via your personal online account.40-yard-dash

  • 1 to 1 Personal Conditioning – $85 for each training hour.
    One trainer one client providing individually specific sport training.  From flexibility, to warm up, to resistance, to metabolic conditioning, to movement pattern correction, you have 100% of your trainers attention and preparation specific to your personal needs and goals. A functional movement screen (FMS) as well as task specific physical assessments are included.
    10 sessions $850
    20 sessions $1445
    30 sessions $1785
  • Small Group Conditioning Gold (3-4) – $35 PP each training hour.
    Continue to receive a great deal of personal attention and programming specific to your needs, but in a fun group setting at a economical discount.  Programming will be shared/similar with adjustments implemented based upon the needs and goals of each participant.
    10 sessions $350pp
    20 sessions $600pp
    30 sessions $750pp
  • Small Group Conditioning Silver (4-10) – $15 PP each training session.
    Similar to above, we provide well rounded and periodized programming to improve your health and fitness, but with a general approach.  All participants run with the same coach lead programming.  Activities are appropriate and foundational to any athletic endeavor.
    (these sessions run approximately 45 minutes)
    (sessions are provided in 8 session or 12 session monthly blocks)
  • On-line Program Coaching – $195 for each month participation
    This coaching option is built to fit your time, goals, and equipment access where ever you may be located.  We change up these programs 2-4 times each month to provide you the variety and targeted programming to meet your physical and health needs. Some video and email support provided

*1 to 1, Gold Group Coaching options generally run 75-90 minutes per session
*Auto renewing members of Studio Fit Launch receive 20% discounted fees
*Other group programming options may be available. See the Studio Calendar

Youth and Adult Programs At Studio FIT Launch:

The goal of the FIT Launch programs are to provide a fun and exciting environment in which young athletes or exercisers can develop their fundamental movement skills while improving self esteem. Through our elite training and education, young athletes can expect to increase self confidence while improving upon many physical skills including movement mechanics, strength and balance, reaction time, coordination, and overall fitness.

At FIT Launch, it is our belief to educate and teach proper technique to athletes right from the start, as the benefits can be lifelong. Chronological age and Exercise age must both be taken into account when programming exercise for youth.  Not all programs are created equal for all populations.

Not only will age specific programming help to decrease their risk of future injury, but it will also give them a strong physical foundation upon which all other exercise and sporting movements can be developed.

Numerous group and private programs are held at Studio FIT Launch.  View the full schedule for additional health and fitness programming in addition to the athletic training opportunities.

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