Youth Exercise Protein Intake

English: A chocolate-flavored multi-protein nu...

English: A chocolate-flavored multi-protein nutritional supplement milkshake (right), consisting of circa 25g protein powder (center) and 300ml milk (left). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So many questions circulate around protein and supplement intake from you guys in the high school gym.  The most simple to follow and the basic advice you normally hear from me is to eat often, make the plate colorful, and be sure you are ingesting a quality snack soon after your workout session.  Yup, much more can be added when we talk individually, but just following the above will take you a long ways.

For those of you who simply need further information and detail on protein and supplement intake we take the time to review where you’re at and where you’re going, but for your further understanding here is an article you can try to wade through.

Conclusion – Most of the results suggest that ingesting milk protein directly before or after RE (resistance exercise) is advantageous for individuals interested in optimizing skeletal muscle hypertrophy (growth). The available literature indicates that a combination of fast- and slow-acting milk proteins (i.e., whey and casein) could provide the most perpetual anabolic (growth) effects. The exact amount that should be ingested is dependent on the quality of the protein and its content of EAA (essential amino acids), specifically leucine, with 1–1.7 g of leucine appearing to be optimal to facilitate muscle protein accretion in young subjects. Approximately 20 g of a milk protein followed by a similar amount ?1 hour later, or alternatively ?40 g in a single bolus (in one dose/snack) feeding seem to be sufficient to maximize the acute MPS (muscle protein synthesis) response after RE (resistance exercise), as well as long-term hypertrophy. Exceeding those amounts might be necessary only if a protein of lower quality (i.e., plant-based protein) is chosen. Particularly, individuals with low protein intake and protein sources of poor quality could benefit from protein supplementation around training.

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