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easy nutrition solution

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Whether eating carefully for weight loss or specifically for performance enhancement, the nutrition solution is often elusive.  Even when easily known it is still difficult to manage and especially difficult to maintain.

There is an easy nutrition solution though.

OK easy may be an exaggeration, but “easier” non the less.

With dietary nutrition being 70%-80% of the issue in any weight loss program and similar for a performance based program, you cannot afford to leave things to chance.  We have found you one of the best, science based solutions, that provides the easier part of dietary health.

The Diet Grader Nutrition Solution will provide you an evaluation and a road map to your improved dietary health…. And, I’m going to provide you the ideal tactic for using this awesome health tool.

After you create your account…

During the first week (your free week) meticuously keep track of all you eat and drink.  Post those into the Diet Grader.  It can be cumbersome at first, but by day two it will get much quicker and easier to input.

The second week you run through all the pre-made healthful meal plans in the Diet Grader.  Actually, you won’t go through them, but based on the information you provided about yourself and your goals when you created your account, with a click of a button you will find hundreds of meal plans specific to you.

Now the input from the first week will provide you your grade based on what you’ve been eating and drinking.  And, several weeks of meal plans that you print off for the remainder of the first month will give you good practice and understanding of balanced meals of appropriate proportions.

Run every month the same.  Start off with a week of eating what you feel is correct.  Log it into the Diet Grader found at and see how you are grading out.  The remainder of the month you can follow the prepared meal plans that you know are appropriate and healthful to you.

After a few months you will find that your grade is improving and only a short time later the Diet Grader may no longer be necessary for you.  Now they won’t kick you out, but for only 10-15 bucks each month the few months is a small price for achieving the easy nutrition solution.

I suggest with whatever your goal, spend just three months with the Diet Grader and you’ll receive a lifetime of healthful living.

BTW – The first week is free if you act now.

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