Athletic Nutrition 101


Nutrition (credit: Susan von Struensee)

Whether you’re one of our High School athletes or one of the Occupational Athletes, the basics of nutrition change little.  How we fuel our bodies in either case will greatly effect desired outcomes. The quantities, the types, and the timing of your nutrition all must be taken into account.

The following series of very short videos will provide you the essentials to help you optimize your workout priorities and goals.  They are provided by Athletic Standard Institute. ASI is the company we utilize for tracking, sorting, and sharing your physical assessments.  Both EFD and SHS groups you will be learning more about them soon.

The final video in the series I added for those of you who enjoy the geeky details that go into these types of sound bite recommendations.  Its from a webinar that I followed with Dr. Len Kravits.

If you want to look into the details of what you put into your body nutritionally?  I recommend you use the Diet Grader whether trying to lose weight or maximize nutrition for your workouts.  If SHS and EFD folks contact me first.  You members and your families are offered discount on that dietary tool.

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