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I love reading, learning and ingesting anything I can about fitness and the latest science to support and expand my work. It helps me to become a better trainer and fitness provider to my clients, classes and colleagues plus encourages me to try new things (my favorite) and implement ongoing progressions and current research into my job.

This info can be a bit dry to the consumer, especially if you don’t have exercise/fitness background, but I’ve been impressed with a few of the consumer magazines and want to pass this along to all of you. A few of my favorite things include:

Fitness Magazine– mostly factual information on fitness, wellness and nutrition- plus great tips each month on exactly what to eat when. One caution the exercise advice is generally great, but they tend to use sound bytes of information to capture the reader and don’t go into detail about other factors such as diet, genetic factors, exercise history and commitment level when it comes to their exercise advice. Over all, I would recommend it to anyone looking for general advice on fitness and bits of information on the current research that validates a healthy lifestyle.

Health Magazine– I really like this magazine a lot, especially for the consumer. They attack food, exercise, mind/body and other little things that the traditional magazines don’t address. I appreciated how they addressed how sleep can effect weight, and how they listed out the top healthiest juices in order of their levels of disease fighting antioxidants: pomegranate juice, red wine, concord grape juice, blueberry juice, black cherry juice, acai juice, cranberry juice, orange juice, tea and apple juice.

Eating Well– this is my baby right now when it comes to eating. I would recommend all my clients and readers get a subscription to it. They support organic, seasonal and whole food eating, plus have the most amazing recipes. Recipes include different foods, ingredients and low fat/healthy cooking variations. My favorite thing about Eating Well is the recipe index at the front of the magazine that lists out all the recipes highlighted for the month. You can see the calories, fat, carbs, sodium and fiber content of each recipe. This month has some fantastic pizza recipes 🙂

Grab the latest copy on the newsstand and use it along with my wellness information to improve your health and well-being!

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