Do You Know Bro-Science

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I don’t often spread the advice from, mainly because I’m not training a bunch of competitive bodybuilders.  But because we do visit hypertrophy (bodybuilding-esk) training from time to time I do pay attention to their conversation. They sometimes come out with some great info like this one from Lifting Lingo Made Easy article.

Bro-Science, def.

“Ignorance cloaked as “science” is bro-science, mostly because it’s tossed around by guys at the gym who failed chemistry and biology in high school, but picked up a few science-y sounding words in the last issue of Muscular Development. Bro-science is more anecdotal than scientific. It’s born in the gym, not in the lab.


Incline Curl

Even so, bro-science can occasionally be useful. Our advice: Take any sentence that begins, “Hey, bro,” with a grain of salt.”

So, hey bro, who you paying attention to with your program design?


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