Tactical Athletes

This page and links established for our Tactical Occupational Athletes at the EFD. The links below and those from the tactical athlete drop down menu are there for your use.  Additional information can be found in sharepoint.

EFD workforce protected pages utilize the

………. station door code is password.

Post Workout

Nutrition Sculpting

Workout of the Month (WOM)

Fitness Assessment Details

Wellness Station Notebooks

PFT Resources

The workout of the month is a flexible tool which guides you through undulating exercise intensity protocols and suggests particular exercises and schedule for your fitness training.  Yet, it is flexible allowing it to fit your weekly exercise schedule, exercise choices, and includes a separate circuit routine should you want to add further variety.

The program builder is rotated approximately once per month and is progressive and changing for your continued physical benefit and to reduce injury and overuse type injuries.  Start light and slow through the first couple months before significantly increasing your intensity.


Tom Corrigan         C           kbfiremantom@yahoo.com                   206.604.5588
Sean Dickinson     D
Andy Wagner        D            andywagner82@hotmail.com               425.879.4157
Jim McCall              A           drysailor@live.com                                   206.419.1651
Tom Bomar            A           tom@fitnessprotravel.com                    425.359.8088
Brent Molsberry   B           bmols8@hotmail.com                               360.303.2187
Cris Chapman       C           crisrchapman@yahoo.com                      360.770.5336
Nick Adsero           D            nickadsero@hotmail.com                       425.327.6824
Jack Murrin            C            jmurrin@ci.everett.wa.us                      425.359.2046
Don Schwab          O           dschwab@ci.everett.wa.us                    425.257.8135

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