Getting Social With Fit Launch

Clients (Enthusiasts)– We’d love to keep up with you at any of the following social media locations. We’ll let you know when new activities, schedule changes, or specials are available through these.Fit Launch on FaceBook. This is likely the first place you find updated information on class schedules and new programs.

WorkoutsForAthletesTweetWorkouts For Athletes. Snohomish High School athletes should hook up on this ‘fan page’. Athletic development information, updates on various SHS activities, and notice when the new off season training program is posted, all good reasons for you to get there.

Fitness Pros– We have several programs that may be of interest to you as well as social media locations just for keeping you up to date with our new, changing, or opportunistic happenings.

TwitterFitness Professional – Education and related information and opportunities you may find here. We are simply looking to develop this area as the users seem to want to go as it grows.

TwitterFitness Pro Travel – This is a community we collaborate with Fit Bodies, Inc. on. We developed a social platform for them to be able to most Tweetefficiently offer their teaching vacation program to the Fit Pro. That platform allows you to better investigate and make decisions on your own teaching vacation through many communication tools and a 15,000+ fitness industry community.

Through the FaceBook page or Twitter account you can easily catch us specifically on this community (or starting your own community) at any time.

 You’ll learn a bit more about me at LinkedIn.  Feel free to connect if you have an account.
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