Wrestling Begins – Stay Ready

Wrestling season begins tomorrow. Ideally you’ve spent several months preparing yourself through strength and metabolic training in addition to some quality mat time.

nw-duals-2013-slamLike every other sport out there… Just because you are now “in season wrestling” does not mean quality training is no longer necessary.  Practices will likely cover many important pieces of your competition preparation, but it will not cover all and will likely negatively effect your strength if you are not proactive. CYCLE 1 Rassling IN-SEASON Program

One of the biggest concerns of this strength coach for you in season wrestlers is over training.  With the hard work you put into practice and trying to meet weight requirements, an improperly designed and managed program could create more harm

We need to get bang for the buck with our exercise selection and be aware of the protocols we follow so that you do not gain mass faster than you gain strength… and… do it all in a reasonable amount of time considering practice and school obligations.

So If you’re an SHS wrestler, go to the Athlete Program page to print of the current program.

English: Drew Galloway as IWW Champion at Real...

English: Drew Galloway as IWW Champion at Real Quality Wrestling Français : Drew Galloway en tant que champion poids lourd de la Irish Whip Wrestling en 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*If working directly with me you will likely experience tweaks to the posted program for even more bang on our exercise buck.  If not, no worries as the base exercises are specifically selected for your needs and at this time will generally be following the Wendler 531 program model.

*The month layout is intentionally progressed and periodized from week to week as well as day to day.  Pay attention and follow the intensity (%RM) guides even if portions seem fairly simple. Additionally, the rest periods can be crucial to the protocol outcome.  Stick with them.

*Finally, the metabolic strength circuits may be incorporated more often or not at all depending upon your personal goals.  I list them there so you know, but if working directly with a strength coach they also may be tweaked or brought in more often or less often as necessary.

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