Winter Your Off Season?

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6 Weeks of undulating programming ahead….

This week is transition week at SHS and while it’s the first week of winter sports they shut down the weight room again.for those not in season.  A second week of wind down after a long fall season is not a big deal, but I know many of you will be accessing the room during the one open time (early morning) when it is available.  For those of you I want to ensure you have a decent plan to follow.

Between now and the first of the year when the Panther Pride Point program starts again there will be many interruptions with holidays.  To match that craziness you’ll be getting six weeks of daily undulating programming.from me.

Check out the first programming week here!

No worries over the style.  Some studies have shown greater results from daily undulations.  While it has organizational, tracking, and multi athlete challenges it will work well for you during this period.

Contact me if you have any questions and I’ll be with you next week to go through the program.

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