Transition Time

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailFor the highschool athletes this week is the transition week between Fall sports and Winter sports.  Snohomish High takes it serious enough to shut down the after school weight room time and while many complain I have to tell you I’m happy they do.

The majority of SHS athletes need more time in that room preparing themselves for their preferred sports, but those who regularly take advantage of training time will benefit from this week off.

Why you ask…

  • Heal – It’s not only the football players who develop bumps, buises, strains, and overuse issues.
  • Prevention – Those committed athletes who have continued to train, as they should, in season have not had the standard cycling of deload weeks as we do in the off season. Over training is prevented by these and this week will give you a physical reset that will ready you for the upcoming season or training cycle.
  • Mental Reboot – Your mind has been in competition mode for many months.  While I’m a fan of regular competition, it can be refreshing mentally having short breaks.
  • Neurologically – We talk a great deal about your energy systems and the muscle adaptations to training, but intertwined with those are the neurons that connect all the above and allow message from our brain to be passed to those systems and back again.  Stress and overtraining of these are also possible and a major reason for take time to deload from the intensities of sport and training.

Bottom line is to take the week out, concentrate on your school obligations, and get ready for the next season or starting your off season  training cycle back up next week.

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