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English: SASEBO, Japan (Aug. 19, 2009) Ultimat...

English: SASEBO, Japan (Aug. 19, 2009) Ultimate Fighting Championship

We talk a bit about the importance of your core. Not just the six pack of abs most want to achieve, but the athletic benefit that comes with being able to transfer the energy and power from your legs through the core to an action of your upper body. A strong core also assists you in stabilizing your spine and reducing injury potential.

I can’t think of a sport where a stronger core is not beneficial. Mat sports may require the greatest need for core strength. Wrestling, grappling, jiu jitsu, judo, and related sports rely heavy on the core from multiple angles.  I’ve been looking for opportunities that will provide athletes similar benefits and fit with the weekly off season training schedule.

Partnering with the pro’s at Team Mean I think we’ve done it!  A chance for you to get some training on the mat.

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Join us each Friday starting January 2nd at 12:30pm at the Team Mean studio.  We’ll be learning the footwork and balance of kick boxers.  We’ll be learning techniques, balance, and core stabilization through grappling techniques.  We’ll also make time to concentrate on flexibility, functional strength, and cardiovascular readiness.

In general, its a chance to learn something new and fun with friends and just happen to get a great workout in that will transfer to any sport you participate in!

Send me a message below to let me know if you will make it on the first day. You can start at any time, but I’d love to kick it off the Friday before we are back at school with a good showing.  Registration forms, which have to be completed and signed by parents can be found in the weight room or at the Team Mean Snohomish Studio.

All other details can be found on the flyer and I’m happy to answer questions over the holiday.


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