Tactical Athlete Progressions

A recent compellation of studies confirmed several principles for the tactical athlete (fire/police/military).  A summary is included here to assist you in the physical aspects of your job performance.

  • Once weekly progressive load carriage included in the program design (7). 
    – ie. stairclimb or walk jog with BA or weighted vest
  • A progressive increase in the weight/intensity of loads carried over time to meet tactical requirements (12).
    – ie. add weighted vest or actual gear & tools to activity over time
  • A progressive increase in load carriage volume (duration and/or distance) to meet tactical requirements (12).
    – ie. begin with 10-15 minute bouts and add bout sets or increase continuous time by small increaments from week to week.
  • Resistance training performed with free weights and machines at least three days per week moving from high repetitions (10 – 12 reps) with less weight (muscular endurance) to lower repetitions (5 – 7 reps) with heavier weight (strength) and working up to three sets per exercise (9,10).
    – ie. periodize your resistance training programs utilizing various set/rep/rest protocols.
  • Aerobic training with progressive increases in distance (running 20 – 30 min based on heart rate, two times per week) and interval training with progressive decreases in rest (~once per week) (5).
    – ie. long slow distance (LSD) and interval training are conditioning elements that should remain in your weekly fitness programming.

Read full article at NSCA


*Your March program will be posted this afternoon and takes all of the elements into account.  You may follow as written and utilize the variable options to ensure you find exercises and programming that meets your preferences and equipment access.

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