Summer Cycles

Spring ball complete for SHS football.  Great week of effort and learning for the Panthers in my opinion.  More refining in a bit with summer camp and Wenatchee camp.  Neither very far off.

Gaddy-14This makes the few weeks we have between now and those football camps as well as the only few weeks after before the football season starts very important for our strength and conditioning time.

CONSISTENCY is far more important that the details of the program in this short time.  Trust me, I will be taking care of the details ensuring we maximize our time in both the weight room and SAQ on the field, but your consistent effort is required.  Just not enough time to be taking much time out between the scheduled camps and season.

So, here’s the basic plan

  • M – W – F — We’ll be doing full body strength.  Certain days are intentionally a little lighter than others but we’ll work all major movements and speed those movements up and think more specific to your position during the second cycle (after Wenatchee camp).
  • T – Th – We’ll be progressing through an eight week speed and agility program.  We will build and add throughout that time, so again it’s important that we all commit to take action on the goals you have set for yourself and your team.
  • Sophomore thru Seniors – 8am – 10am is your block of time to make things happen.  We’ll be kicking off the group daily by 8:15am so get there at open and be ready by group start time.
  • Freshmen – You’re slated to come in by 9am and we’ll roll as a group about 9:15am

*Be sure to talk to me if summer job will interfere with this schedule.  We’ll work to develop you a plan that fits your situation.

Looking forward to spending the summer with you guys preparing for the season ahead.

“If you succeed its your fault…if you fail it is your fault.”

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