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Sport in childhood. Association football, show...

Sport in childhood. Association football, shown above, is a team sport which also provides opportunities to nurture social interaction skills. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are several elements that go into achieving success in soccer.  It is similar but different for gaining success in any sport.  All technical training being equal, three primary categories of these elements standout.

  1. Natural (God Given / Genetic)Physical Ability
  2. Success Driven Mindset
  3. Personally Enhanced Physical Fitness

Natural ability we can do little about besides choosing to utilize our gifts…. A success driven mindset is a large subject to be covered over several other articles…. Personally enhancing your own physical fitness to achieve success in soccer is something you can control.  Read on for optimizing this control.

We’ve all seen players that lack any real skill and technique but whose speed and power makes them deadly effective. Their physical abilities take them beyond the technical lacking they may have.

Most coaches agree that there is no substitute for technical ability. But when the stakes are raised and the standard is high enough, there is only ONE criteria a coach looks for in a player…

How effective they are on the field.

It doesn’t matter how much skill and natural ability you have. If you can’t
apply it consistently in a game situation, you will be left behind. I’m not saying there is no importance in the technical skill of soccer, but to become more effective and attain more success in soccer, you must provide yourself the added edge of enhanced physical fitness.

Soccer, at EVERY level of the game, is littered with players who lack poise and finesse. But they more than make up for their technical shortfalls with natural athleticism. Remember this…

Skill can only be applied within the boundaries of physical fitness.

Here’s the key to consistent success in soccer:
When you finally learn the REAL secrets to becoming super-fit for soccer, blending proven sports-science with a desire to succeed… Developing those on top of your natural abilities… And, understanding the truth about achieving success… Consistency and peak performance will be yours.

Whether attaining success in soccer is all about you, or if you want success for the players you coach you must address the physical preparation to set your self or your soccer team apart.

Distance training or short burst training?
Soccer has them both so how do you know which is most appropriate to train?  Interval training for optimal recovery between fast and explosive bouts is what you are after.

Is resistance training necessary for anything besides the legs?
Of course it is.  It’s also important that you train soccer as well as any athlete through all elements of a “periodized” program. When you are ready for peak performance training ensure you are appropriately able to incorporate plyometrics as well, specifically ones designed for soccer performance.

Warm ups, cool downs, and flexibility specific to soccer, do you know the difference?
The movements and activities of the game of soccer require specific warm ups and dynamic flexibility movements.  Imagine the various movements with the various types of strikes a player may make on the ball.  Prior to the activity you should be addressing this with specific dynamic flexibility movements.  Don’t forget the keepers here as well.  There movements have even a wider range of potential.

Following a quality training program or hiring a professional is essential to train for optimal success in soccer, but how will you know if the program or that trainer is making a difference.  Beyond a score board you need to have other methods of measurement for the individual.

These are important when preparing to make a team or earn a college soccer scholarship.

In less than one afternoon, with nothing more than some very basic equipment, you can build a complete physical profile of yourself or your players. The data you collect will be priceless. It will ensure you are on the right path to improvement and will highlight areas that need attention.

Many specialist centers would charge you hundreds of dollars for a similar report. Armed with your own fitness stats you can design an ultra-specific program that will maximize your results in the shortest possible time.

Sport specificity is important to achieving success in soccer as well as any other sport.  Following the above principles will get you started down that path.  If attaining the edge on success is important to you or your team be sure to hire a sport conditioning specialist or follow a proven soccer specific training program to safely reach those goals.

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