Romanian Dead Lift RDL

Ben Showing Landmine Single Leg RDL with Slider Assist

I like to add in many variations of the Dead Lift to an athletic program.  For the posterior chain, which is so often over looked, they are hard to beat.  Of the dead lift variations, single leg RDL’s are among my favorites.

Ben Bruno put together a nice blog post on the single leg romanian deadlift with assistance for balance that is a favorite of mine. It’s definitely worth a look especially if you have trouble with the balance aspects of the movement as I’ve seen many have in the past.

I often tweak the single leg RDL and turn it into a tri-directional movement, I want to mention that when you see this in the program it also is easily assisted for balance with the TRX (you’ll likely see me pull this trick out more often).
**For tri-directional RDL’s you do not need to make large movements in each direction, just a movement of the lowered dumbbell or kettle bell once to the inside of the base foot, once to the toe of the front foot, and once to the outside of the base foot.

These slight changes provide a change in the force vector of the resistance and provides a different challenge to the working and stabilizing muscles.

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