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English: an exercise of biceps

English: an exercise of biceps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Because of our training program splits, you are provided days and encouragement for hitting those ‘accessory’ lifts.  You know the ones. They generally show outside your uniform and you constantly flex them in the mirrors.

To the dismay of many we never start with those as I work hard to keep you focused on the movements and progression of those movements that will provide you the biggest bang for the buck in transfer to your health and performance…. but don’t take it from me…

 – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA,…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to offer my head up as a punching bag when I talk to young athletes about training. They complain that they can’t put on weight or get stronger, then proceed to tell me that their previous workout was a biceps and lower ab day.

Walk into Cressey Performance on any given day and you’ll see our athletes deadlifting, pushing sleds, cranking out Chin-Ups and using squat racks for their intended purpose—not performing Bicep Curls. They focus on the “big rocks” and don’t waste time on what I call “training minutiae.” To put it another way: they perform heavy multi-joint movements instead of training their beach muscles.

It’s inevitable that many of them sneak in some arm and ab work on their own time. But when they’re under my roof, they concentrate on the “big rocks,” because that’s what makes them bigger, faster and stronger.

The ‘Big Rocks Concept


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