SHS Performance Enhancement Program

English: Slawomir Orzel - a strength athlete f...

Slawomir Orzel – a strength athlete from Poland at Dead Lift.

Three weeks into May and only a week away from camp and most now have several months of off season training behind them… and for many it shows! Nice work.

This weeks performance enhancement program continues to progress the Dead Lift and Pull Up variations. We’ll be working max weight and max repetitions next week in these lifts.

From our FIT Launch Snohomish studio to yours… Surprising to me was to find no large diameter rope in the SHS gym.  It can be great for climbing, pulling, jumping, or in movement patterns (we’ll work on that)… But in the mean time I’ll be pulling the rope from our studio and using it for our pull up variations this next week.  It will prove good benefits for you.

Download and print your program <<HERE>>

Agilities will be held Tuesday and Thursday this week at 2:30p.  Bring Your Cleats as well as running shoes and we’ll get some quick targeted work in to improve your explosiveness and foot speed.  While these are not full conditioning they are an important piece you should not miss.

Oh, and by the way, the Lipke Boys are leading the way so far this month with the highest number of ‘checkouts’ from the weight room.

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