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With Spring Break over, the off season changes gears and begins to intensify.  Programming for the SHS athlete will change to weekly updates and we’ve added a couple new wrinkles to directly hit and enhance targeted exercise movements.

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Group/Team agility training will be organized weekly in addition to your resistance training.  You will definitely benefit as well by partnering up to keep motivation rolling and spotter on hand.

There is still room for flexibility so that you can hit your favorite lifts AFTER taring up the prime four movements slated for the day.  If you are only able to do full body workouts 2 or 3 times per week, no worries, the program card can still direct you as well… Check the video on the training program page for details.

English: an exercise of shoulders

I feel the rumblings of excitement with the football program changes starting to settle in.  From my seat I can tell you that I think you have good reason for some optimistic excitement… but, you must do your part and put in the time to continue to improve your physical self in the off season…. I’m excited to help you do that.

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