May Workout One

lisa deadlift 230#

lisa deadlift 230# (Photo credit: Amber Karnes)

Beginning of May already and with the schedule for spring ball and camps posted, all this workout stuff finally has some opportunities to see how it makes a difference on the field.  That’s going to be fun and likely an eye opener to those who may be taking it a bit easier than they should during this valuable time.

Target lifts for this month that we will be hitting on include the dead-lift and the pull up.

  • There are several forms of dead lift as well as several tools we can and will use to work on it.  When we hit the heaviest of weights at the end of the month we’ll be using a Barbell (BB) for the standardized lift.  Remember, all lifts can be dangerous especially when working with max loads.  When repetitions are 5 or below, I want the weight belts worn.  Alternating grip is not required but may be helpful along with a hook grip with heavy loads.
  • The pull up is a tough exercise for many and yes the lighter guys have a bit of an advantage.  This is not a competition with each other, but an opportunity to improve.  If you can only do 1 today and 3 by June… you’ve improved 300%.  That’s huge and improvement is what we’re after.  We’ll play with many variations and you can use band assist or assisted chin or even your buddy to help you get the reps if you struggle with these currently.

This weeks agilities will only be coach led on Tuesday. We’ll talk about you guys running the same with senior leadership on Thursday.  It’s ok to practice some of the ladder drills and agility patterns on your own as well.  Those who have been doing that have definitely been showing it when have a repeat agility sessions… GREAT WORK!

Our Training Program, beginning this month and moving forward you will see more complexes.  These are basically sequences of exercises blocked together.  They provide a bit more of a metabolic challenge as generally there is more total worked involved per set and often, like this month for exercise 3 on lower body day (KB gorilla complex), are performed for time.  That is complete all sets and reps as fast as possible (AFAP).  Stay safe with them, but the work will produce good benefits.

That’s it for now. See you in the morning.

If you didn’t hit the links above – Your Program is Here

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