Laying The Foundations

With about two weeks out since the end for most all Fall sports… for those who have not jumped right into a Winter sport, it’s time to get the body moving again.

We’ll be encouraging a series of circuit style programs throughout the holidays to build an awesome foundation that will be ready to enhance the students athlete’s Strength, Conditioning, and ultimately Performance come early 2013.


Look to this site or the SHS S&C FaceBook Page or the table in the weight room for the programs updated week to week.  These will be general athlete programming for out of season athletes.

In season athletes should speak with their sport coach as well as the strength coach prior to taking these on.  Individuals coming up to their next seasons start and wanting more specific programming can reach your strength coach via either of these locations as well for personal tweaks.

Assessments will begin the first or second week of 2013.

*For the new exerciser or incoming athlete, check with me for your foundational program

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