Gotta Have A Plan

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Panther Combine Feb 3rd @ 2:30p

A snap shot of a single workout tells me nothing when evaluating the potential of a resistance, speed, or agility plan.  Progressive and periodized are elements that can only be seen over an extended period.

We ran the holidays with a variable plan.  We started the year with a 4 week ‘stair case’ plan that reintroduced our bodies to the demands of heavier loads.  And, Soon we will be jumping into an 8 week series following Wendler’s 531 program specifically targeting strength.

This will be a god follow up to our Off Season Panther Combine Fitness Testing.

==Testing will be Feb 3rd starting at 2:30pm==

This is a detail oriented program and it will help to know where we are each at with our 1RM.  We’ll retest the strength elements at the end of this 2 months as well before we change emphasis for the next cycle.

About that time, mid March or so, we will begin our Spring speed and agility training.  It will be time to take some of the off season mass and strength we’ve worked on and get back to the techniques of making it move quickly and powerfully.

Soon after Summer will be upon us.  It will be time to get serious about ensuring the energy of our conditioning programs match that which our sport requires come Fall…. We’ll move into the requirements of in-season training and then before you know it, it all starts over again.  Ideally, starts over again one or two steps ahead of where you were at the start of this off-season.

It’s all good fellas.  I love watching you grow not just in size and strength, but in your knowledge of how the physical process works to benefit you down the road.


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