Getting Ready to Get it Going

wenatchee-2015With my time freeing up as the football season ends I have the opportunity to start planning for the next off season run.  For four consecutive years working with the athletes at Snohomish High School there has been nothing but improvement in the numbers of participants and the timed and weight lifted results of those athletes.

Within the football program those off season activities have been a piece of what has made each of those in season results a bit better each of those years.

Old is new – We’ve used the fitnessgrader, dietgrader, and teambuilr programs in the past.  What is new is that I will be trying to bring them a bit more under one roof and make your access and use a little easier.

  • Individual workout deliveries will again be provided through  If you’re new or haven’t had an account set up for you, better get in touch with me.  Papers will be a thing of the past in the weight room.  I’m working on an tablet set up for you to login on as well as pull up your workout (if you don’t bring it in on your phone).
  • Individual assistance with your nutrition planning will be a bit more readily available.  The program will not necessarily be something you use every day, but it will help you in making the right body fuel selections.
  • Individual fitness assessment history and scores will continue to be accessed via  I’ve pulled your testing results out of the excel sheets and made them available to you online.  To progress and evaluate your programs effectiveness you must know your numbers.

All three of these will be used for communication between the high school athlete and myself.  They’ll be used to assist you in being a better athlete and keeping ourselves on track.

We have a couple weeks I want you to lay low, if not in another sport.  Let your body and mind recoup from a long fall season.  December we’ll start getting back after it and on return from Christmas break we’ll be full speed ahead with programming and the Panther Pride Point program.

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