Getting Bigger

cropped-wfa-lrg.jpgWe start the June Workout Program with some hypertrophy focused programming.For those who have stayed consistent throughout the Winter and Spring there is not much new in the way of exercises this week accept for the Rope Row and the Supported Row which are compound set together.

  • Rope Row is a simple horizontal recline while grasping the large diameter rope and pulling your hands to your chest.  Maintain a solid bridge with the body and engage the shoulder blades with each repetition.
  • Supported Row has you seated facing the back rest of an incline bench set at about 30-45 degrees.  Use dumbbells for resistance and drive the elbows back.

With hypertrophy training the weight is a bit lower so check the %1RM and the rest periods are shorter.  Keep an eye on the clock.

Agility work will include ladders, speed/plyos, and change of direction work this week.  Tuesday and Thursday at 2:30 on the main field.  Cardio conditioning intervals are listed as well for Monday and Wednesday, and feel free to repeat from home on Sat or Sun.

There is a metabolic circuit as well for he weekend or you an still feel free to show up and join in on the Saturday FIT Launch Bootcamp held at the Centennial Trail Head parking lot at 8:30am

Remember that you get out what you put in and you have a team full of friends who are counting on you to do your part.

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