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Ike-2Off Season Athletes and In Season Wrestlers – Your resistance training programs are posted.

Each is either following our design for the year long periodization toward the next sport or for the in season wrestlers, built appropriately around your season schedule. (in-season also condensed to the essentials for the time and body strained).

 SHS Athlete Workout Programs Here

Nutrition Tip:

  • Snack or Supplement within 30 minutes post workout to get your body anabolic ASAP!

Strength Tip:

  • Stick to the rest period (working in groups of three helps)!
  • We are moving to a 3/5 day per week workout program this year for several reasons.  The most important is that with consistency you will have the best chance of meeting goals.  Mon and Friday will likely run a full hour of WORK.  Tue, Wed, & Thurs should run you 30-45 minutes…. Plenty of time to screw around and talk after you’ve put the hay in the barn.


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