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Did You Know That Most Ski Training Programs are Actually Increasing Your Chances of Injury!

When I first started researching ski-specific training programs, I realized there was a serious problem out there on the internet and in skiing publications with misinformation on training guidelines.

Most information I did find on the web on fitness programs for skiers was, for the most part, outdated and recommended some of the worst exercises and protocols I could ever imagine!

Not only did some of these sites recommend exercises and machines that may actually INCREASE your chances of injury, but they were also using exercises that don’t even effectively carry over to skiing that well.

For example, I even saw several sites recommending machine leg curls, leg extensions, and leg presses as “3 of the most important exercises for skiers”.  This is insane… Those are actually the 3 WORST exercises any skier could ever do, which not only don’t carry over to skiing, but could even lead you to injury!

This avalanche training program provides you exercises that match the functional movements of your winter sport specialties.  Get ready for  the season to safely attach the slopes with an alpine ready body.

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