Firefighter Circuit

New group of probies coming to town.  Finally, it’s been quite a while since there’s been new blood in the EFD.

Firemen at work

Firemen at work (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Besides fresh faces it also gives me an opportunity to build a multi-week daily program to better prepare them for their first days in company.

There are many ways to build this program, but just like the job done by every firefighter it’s rarely the same thing twice.  So, we’ll be incorporating some traditional days of resistance training, as well as some bootcamp style, days with long slow distance, periods of aerobic and anaerobic intervals, and circuits.  It’s fun to add variety, but essential to keep focus on the progressive nature and target goals as we go.

Today as part of that variety and creativity for me I designed a firefighter equipment based circuit that we will attack a couple weeks into the program.  Education is always a part of any fitness programming and showing that even when traditional equipment is not available adaptations can be made.

If you want to see what’s to come, you can check it out FIREFIGHTER CIRCUIT

Fitness assessments scheduled for the 14th and our 5 week probie programming starts on the 15th.

See Ya There.

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