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Following is a list from the SHS FaceBook fan page concerning Exercise Technique Videos.  I will continue to add the video list showing exercise techniques and pointers over time and will also build a blog post such as this one for each additional group collected.  Many names are given to similar exercises so for our non coach on hand time these examples will correspond to written program exercise.

English: Frederick Winters during 1904 Summer ...

Frederick Winters during 1904 Summer Olympics


You’ve likely noticed that I like to thrown in several different pieces of exercise equipment to add challenge, variety, and ultimately improve your performance.  With that I get funny looks from time to time with the wonder of just how to do something.  We’ll always include primary variations of our main lifts, but I want you to also utilize these varieties as I know they will benefit you in many ways over time.

While I’m not with you in the weight room full-time, I hope this will help you in understanding and making maximal gains.  The following list will provide you an exercise name and a link to a decent short youtube example (you’ll have to copy & paste).  I’ll also add any key items I want you to pay attention to in the performance of said exercise.

  • KB Windmill – http://youtu.be/uw6PV3TnQFs
    Can be done with a dumbbell.  You’ll notice a difference in ability from one side to another.  Work to make them equal.  Your flexibility will affect your range of motion with this.
  • TRX I-Y-T – http://youtu.be/iz-6mGus5jk (you can skip to 1:25 mark if you like)
  • KB Swing – http://youtu.be/qW6ax_Wp0P4
    Notice it is not a squat.  The KB swings just barely to the knee level. The hips push the arms (and kb) forward and the shoulders are not lifting (just acting like a pendulum).
  • MB Plyo Push Up – http://youtu.be/oF2dMVdvnik
    There are hundreds of options to this, but this is our base move.  When I’m present we will add variations.
  • MB Dynamic Push Up – http://youtu.be/JeQqPCelk4Q
    There are hundreds of options to this, but this is our base move.  When I’m present we will add variations.
  • Power Clean – http://youtu.be/6tXcS0Xp1aE
    Notice that with a ‘power’ clean it is a high catch position
  • Hang Clean – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzQJB9XHd5c&feature=share&list=PL8BDE4168A2FAD229
  • Clean – http://youtu.be/46cCnuFPG8w
    With a ‘clean’ we are catching the bar at about a half squat and dropping to a full front squat prior to coming back to the full upright position.
  • Snatch – http://youtu.be/7dvkGthhKoc
    Use a wider grip than for the clean….*see note below on olympic lifts
    Jerk – http://youtu.be/EvwpNr0LCE4
    My buddy Doug shows an example of a ‘clean’ and the ‘jerk’.  We at times do them together and other independently.
    **With all Olympic Lifts there are very specific technique details to optimize the weight we can move.  BUT, we don’t have an olympic weight lifting team and therefore perfect form for highest weight moved possible is not exactly our goal.  Proper technique for safety is key. Otherwise specific grip widths and foot placement can be geared to what is comfortable for you.  We use these to key on explosive ‘speed strength’
  • Squat – http://youtu.be/vXcY-0jXHeU
    Again Doug does a nice video on squatting.  I will add that the technique he shows is not specific to Vibram shoes. You also need to be cognizant of bracing your core. Finally, the full range of motion is what we work towards, but if your hips start to tilt forward, that is the end of your current range of motion.
  • TRX Single Arm (SA) Push UP http://youtu.be/nuYz33KErs4 – As with most exercises, several methods to perform, but the video shows our primary method.
  • TRX Single Arm Row – http://youtu.be/l7e4mHWxTiE – Narrow the base to add more torsional stability challenge.
  • TRX Single Leg (SL) Burpee – http://youtu.be/HcZlpKvcoXw – May add a weight vest. Do equal sets both Lft /Rt
  • TRX Triple Threat – http://youtu.be/HBQp4n5F1ww – May also be done on Stability Ball

Agility Drills:

  • 3 Cone – http://youtu.be/sLs6CxMGV0A – Standard three cone drill. Same as NFL combine.  With this one we want to do an equal number of repetitions each direction.  Start cone to cone 1 is 5 yd. Cone 2 (side cone) is 5 yd horizontal to cone 1).
  • 4 Cone – http://youtu.be/CYdkZbD8sjw – Many variations we will try when together.  When part of a non coach led program, the first example is our primary go to for you to follow.  Vertical cones are 10 yd apart.  Horizontally cones are 15 yds apart.
  • 5 Cone Weave – http://youtu.be/c8T1WPJkidU – as with the others, there are many 5 cone drills that can be done.  This video shows the base 5 cone for self direct program use.  Start cone line has cones 5 yds apart. Far two cones are 10 yd out from start line cones.
  • T Drill – http://youtu.be/Ndm5iZn3aYM – The video shows the side shuffle method.  Our base T-Drill will include forward running along the horizontal with 180 degree turns at the two end cones.  Start cone to middle cone is 10yd. Side cones are 5 yd each from center.
  • Pro Agility – (aka 5-10-5) – http://youtu.be/BKahQt3guT0 – If timed you’ll pick your favorite direction to start.  When part of your agility program, work both directions equally.

I’ll continue to add to this list as we move through future weeks of programming as well as add items where you all may have specific questions.

Remember to check out the Exercise Abbreviations ‘Note’ for any questions you may have on program abbreviations.


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