Don’t Waste Your Workout

An open letter to my boy B,

For a strength, conditioning, and performance coach working with a group or an individual the issue usually is one of getting them motivated to perform the prescribed work and to step outside their comfort zone to do movements they don’t like… You are far ahead of most because these are not your issues.

However, there are several issues that can arise from being the workout overachiever.  I love the hard work you’ve put into preparing your body for your upcoming senior year of football, But, as I’ve said for months, your biggest concern is making sure you are getting rest days.  That’s when the body, heals, remodels, and generally reaps the benefits of all the hard work.  Failure to get enough rest will reduce benefit, possibly give negative results, make you sick and can eventually create an over training situation that can take weeks or even months to recover from.

Tied to those recovery days (including lots-o-sleep) is optimally timed nutrition.  As much as you are putting in, some of the work is getting wasted if you are not feeding the body correctly.  It doesn’t sound like you have a big issue with the Macro’s (protein, carbs, & fats) or overall quantity, but your issue may have more to do with that fact that you are not getting that intake ASAP after your workout (or in your case after each workout).

A morning crossfit workout is going to require both carbs and protein right away to shut down the catobolic state.  Especially if you are coming in to participate in a second workout that is designed for the players a little later.  You’ll have another snack after that workout as well.
With that much work going in, you also want to be thinking additional carb load during those workouts rather than just water.  Think gatorade, and that would likely benefit with the addition of amino acids as well.

Rest & nutrients are your friends and are essential to getting the best value from all the good work you are putting in.  Don’t cheat yourself by messing up either of those.  More is not always better with workouts and less is not better for nutrition while your goals are strength, muscle building, and/or weight gain.

You’ll have to be smart in how these programs intermix.  Listen to your body and remain in touch with your trainers (especially me if you are hitting the other gym first), so that we do not cross-up your workouts and send you into that over-training zone.



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