Day to Day Approach

It’s interesting and somewhat exciting to see continued injection of science into the training arena. Recent articles have highlighted Shawn Huls of the Philadelphia Eagles and how he is moving that program beyond the ‘bang and clang’ training model. Similarly, Erik Korem is interjecting science in to the training program of the Kentucky Wildcats.weight-room-2

Through a few scientific monitoring toys they are working to monitor the intensity levels and total workload of their athletes.  This aids in both pushing the athlete as well as monitoring for the need for rest to prevent over training.

We don’t have those same resources at the High School level, but the principles are the same even though the evaluation must be more subjective as to when to push and when to hold back and ensure adequate rest.

Some of those principles are to ensure you do the right thing (exercise appropriately, eat appropriately, and rest appropriately) on a consistent basis.  While they see it in numbers and graphs on a computer read-out, we see it through workout performance and the general feel of you the athlete.  Over training or lack of progress can come from missing the mark on any of those three principles.

I spend a bit more time than you likely enjoy talking about the WHY of our exercises, sets, reps, and rest because in our case it’s essential that you become self aware of your training status.

Erik Korem says, “We don’t make ridiculous or unrealistic goals.  It’s small day to day changes.  If you can do the right things on a daily consistent basis, over time you’re going to see great results.  Anything that’s cheap and happens quick is not sustainable.  We want to see long term growth and development.  Bodies don’t change over night.”

He’s right and for the same reasons we build programs that gradually progress as you come from the middle schools into the high school.  With the proper programming following proper exercise, nutrition, and rest you’ll be building an athletic foundation that can continue to be built upon.

Be consistent, realistic, and self aware, and enjoy the day to day approach.


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