Athletic Fit Testing

bench-20140812Monday the 18th, fit testing day. Calendars show it will begin at 2pm, but we will have a staggered start.

  • Freshmen – 2:00pm
  • Sophomores – 2:20pm
  • Juniors – 2:40pm
  • Seniors – 3:00pm

I’d like you all warmed up and in the stadium stands at your start time. Shorts, T’s, Tennis Shoes, and Cleats, are all good items to have with you as well as some water.  Expect about 60-90 min total.

*Friday (tomorrow) – all groups meet in mat room at 8am for yoga.

This is the fourth time through this battery of tests (vertical, broad, 10/40 yard, pro agility, clean, bench, and squat.  You guys that have made it through multiple assessments will start to see trends in how your programs have affected your abilities in these areas….

It’s not really about how you are doing compared to someone else, it’s about how you are doing compared to your best self.  Your personal improvement is what you can control and what you should be striving to advance from assessment to assessment as well as practice to practice and game to game.

Go Panthers!

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