Fitness Screening for the Firefighter 2015

Everett Fire, your about mid way through the optional fitness screening period.  With a bit over half the members participating to date, we will have a good total participation number. Remember this is the base of your current fire department wellness program and there is a strong push for the program to grow further. That’s…


Push Up Variations

So much that can be done even when trapped away from the gym and all the cool gym toys. We mess with several push up variations that have proven very challenging.  Some, many of you are getting good at.  The following video will show you there are many more options that you can yet progress…

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Cycle 3 Posted

Strength training for the off-season athletes, in-season basketball, and in-season wrestlers have been posted for week 3 of this meso period. Off Season athletes we are building consistent weekly programs.  Stay consistent for best results and prep for your next season. In Season athletes, your daily programs are labeled “sessions”.  You may follow these day to…


Basketball In Season Training

Not to be forgotten, basketball.  I’ve update an in season training program for basketball as well. – Access Program Here Seeing your practice schedule, mornings are likely your best opportunity for working to maintain strength and power as well as simply maintain your health throughout the basketball season. Programs designed for 30 minutes or less.

Summer Yoga with Amy ...

Winter Your Off Season?

This week is transition week at SHS and while it’s the first week of winter sports they shut down the weight room again.for those not in season.  A second week of wind down after a long fall season is not a big deal, but I know many of you will be accessing the room during…


Wrestling Begins – Stay Ready

Wrestling season begins tomorrow. Ideally you’ve spent several months preparing yourself through strength and metabolic training in addition to some quality mat time. Like every other sport out there… Just because you are now “in season wrestling” does not mean quality training is no longer necessary.  Practices will likely cover many important pieces of your…


Transition Time

For the highschool athletes this week is the transition week between Fall sports and Winter sports.  Snohomish High takes it serious enough to shut down the after school weight room time and while many complain I have to tell you I’m happy they do. The majority of SHS athletes need more time in that room…


Game Day

Coach Armstrong used to tell the Panthers “The Hay is in the Barn”.  Well, we’re at that point with all the off season work and the game day prep.  Time for the Panthers to meet up with the Grizzles again.