Speed Camp Week

Rome wasn’t built in a day – With our Spring Break camp starting tomorrow, it’s important for you to understand that one week of a few drills will not be the game changer in your speed or agility.  We’ve laid a solid base with our strength training and now it’s time to start working on…


Firefighter Circuit

New group of probies coming to town.  Finally, it’s been quite a while since there’s been new blood in the EFD. Besides fresh faces it also gives me an opportunity to build a multi-week daily program to better prepare them for their first days in company. There are many ways to build this program, but…


From Here to There Fast

Just a few weeks away from beginning our Spring speed sessions.  It’s all about getting from here to there, faster. In the weight room I’ve heard so many ideas, theories, and guesses at what is the key to speed and agility.  Usually one piece or another is on the money, but rarely is there a…


Gotta Have A Plan

A snap shot of a single workout tells me nothing when evaluating the potential of a resistance, speed, or agility plan.  Progressive and periodized are elements that can only be seen over an extended period. We ran the holidays with a variable plan.  We started the year with a 4 week ‘stair case’ plan that…


Fitness Screening for the Firefighter 2015

Everett Fire, your about mid way through the optional fitness screening period.  With a bit over half the members participating to date, we will have a good total participation number. Remember this is the base of your current fire department wellness program and there is a strong push for the program to grow further. That’s…


Push Up Variations

So much that can be done even when trapped away from the gym and all the cool gym toys. We mess with several push up variations that have proven very challenging.  Some, many of you are getting good at.  The following video will show you there are many more options that you can yet progress…

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Cycle 3 Posted

Strength training for the off-season athletes, in-season basketball, and in-season wrestlers have been posted for week 3 of this meso period. Off Season athletes we are building consistent weekly programs.  Stay consistent for best results and prep for your next season. In Season athletes, your daily programs are labeled “sessions”.  You may follow these day to…


Basketball In Season Training

Not to be forgotten, basketball.  I’ve update an in season training program for basketball as well. – Access Program Here Seeing your practice schedule, mornings are likely your best opportunity for working to maintain strength and power as well as simply maintain your health throughout the basketball season. Programs designed for 30 minutes or less.