Workouts For Athletes
Improve Your Game

back fitnessATHLETE def... "A person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility or stamina".

Merriam Webster's definition places many of us in the category of "Athlete". Even if many of us have never thought of ourselves as athletes.

Being an Athlete requires programs specific to the sport, activity, or game. Workouts for athletes often require a greater intensity and a greater amount of specificity of exercise selections.

Programs For Athletes Must Address:

    • Speed of movement
    • Planes of movement
    • Acceleration and Deceleration demands
    • Appropriate energy system involvement

As well as being built on a solid core foundation of sport functionality. We have that for you here.

Improve your game!


Workouts For Athletes

Prepare yourself for the challenges and competition of Sport. Workouts for Athletes provides the elite sport athlete, the occupational athlete, as well as the weekend warrior, conditioning programs to improve function, safety and performance... You'll enjoy a better physique and a more active and healthful life as well using training programs that are built for an athlete.


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